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Water Contamination (OLb1-WaterContam)
b. Online Books
Water Contamination (OLb1-WaterContam)
This 61-page online book explains the nature of water contaminants so as to better understand how their characteristics affect water treatment technologies. 24.95
Ion Exchange, A Practical Manual for Water Treatment (OLb2-IX_Book)
b. Online Books
Ion Exchange, A Practical Manual for Water Treatment (OLb2-IX_Book)
This 84-page online book discusses the principles of ion exchange in a manner that is easy to understand. It explains the different types of ion exchange resins and how they are applied to water treatment. $39.00
Electrodeionization: EDI Application and Maintenance (OLb3-EDI_Book)
b. Online Books
Electrodeionization: EDI Application and Maintenance (OLb3-EDI_Book)
This 188-page online book provides detailed explanation of electrodeionization (EDI/CEDI) technology, as well as how it is best applied, monitored, and maintained. It is one of the leading third-party support texts available for EDI...

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